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What is Greek Reporter

Greek Reporter is a global media brand producing news from the largest Greek centers around the world & Greece, with separate portals for the USA, Australia, Canada, EU, Greece, China, Russia and the rest of the world.
  • 2009


    Greek Reporter was founded as a student-project.

  • 2010

    Beginning of expansion

    Greek Reporter starts launching different sites starting with USA, Greece and Australia to cover news for the Greek Diaspora in these locations.

  • 2012

    Global Greek news source

    Having created a worldwide network of journalists and seven different portals to cover Greek news from all around the world, Greek Reporter gets established as a global greek news source.

  • 2013

    Social Responsibility

    We pledged that, as an organization that reports the news, we will work on some of the issues we report on. Trying to offer solutions during the Greek financial crisis, the Greek Reporter team created, a free service for Greece's unemployed to list their resumes and be hired by foreign companies to offer their services from Greece. The site also has a free job listing board for those who seek to hire Greeks. Greek Reporter is also a media sponsor of numerous NPOs.

  • 2014


    Expanding its video news production, Greek Reporter undertakes the effort to create documentary films with Greek themes that will attract a wide international audience while they will help improve the image of Greece.

  • 2016

    Food Network

    Greek Reporter establishes Nostimo, the first Greek food social video channel on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to meet the demand of a new hungry audience of millions loooking for optimal cooking options at home.

  • 2018

    Chinese and Russian Editions

    Greek Reporter launched two more editions in Chinese and Russian to expand its presence in these two countries and reach key audiences in their native language.

  • 2020

    Greek Reporter en Espanol

    Greek Reporter launched a Spanish edition to expand in this key audience in their native language.

  • 2021


    Via all its platforms, today GR is reaching more than thirty million people monthly, from 80+ countries across the 5 continents.

Our Vision

We are striving to develop an innovative, globally-visited web-portal service that delivers high quality content in all mediums and is sustained through direct advertising.

Our Mission

To promote Hellenism and Greek culture, uniting all Greeks and philhellenes through reporting on anything Greek, and make people's life better through the Internet. To keep the masses informed, educated, entertained and allow the freedom of expression of opinion in anything that has to do with Greece and Greeks worldwide.

Value Proposition

Greek Reporter drives massive amounts of attention to news otherwise only accessible to native Greek speakers.

Our audience consists of Greeks from all over the world, people of Greek descent, and non-Greek speakers interested in Greek news, Greek culture, Ancient Greece, business and traveling. 30 million+ monthly users through syndicated, other online and offline media outlets of global reach.

More than 18 million people of Greek origin live around the globe

Greeceā€™s population is 11 million, in addition to 8 million Greeks of diaspora scattered across 140 countries in the world. The highest concentration of population of Greek descent is found in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Greek Diaspora in America

According to the State Department:

3 million American citizens claim Greek descent

Greece has the 7th largest population of U.S. Social Security beneficiaries in the World

This large and well-organized community cultivates close political and cultural ties with Greece

The Greek-American community has:

High net income & net worth

Strong ties with their roots

42% of Greeks in America travel at least once per year in Greece

Greeks in America hold prominent positions in the public & private sector,and they are highly influential


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